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Lang visit Binzhou Hotel


April 14, 201313:30 pm,"the development ofMetamorphosis"-2013Business GrowthSummitinBinzhou HotelTaishanhallwas held.Forum invitedwell-knowneconomist, Mr.Langas akeynote speaker.BinzhouMunicipalgovernment leaders,the business elitecirclesBinzhounearly 500 peoplegathered inone,a spectacularachievementeconomic and culturalevent.


Born in 1956, Ph.D.;currentlyProfessor ofthe Chinese Universityof Hong Kong.Corporate governanceand financial experts, focused oncorporate governance, project financing, direct investment, corporate restructuring, mergersand acquisitions,bankruptcyand otheraspects of the research.Langwithfinancial analysis,eloquentlySOE reforminloss of state assetsills, questioningsome of themisappropriation ofstate-ownedenterprises, and put forwarda number ofplacesonthe currentimplementation ofthe"owned" type ofSOEreformhas entered amisunderstanding.Langafter the publication ofa series of worksarebestsellers.2010wasmore than 30million Internet usersgenerally acclaimedas the2010ChinaInternetnineoneman,November 21, 2011,"2011Sixth Chinawriter Rich List"blockbusterrelease, Lang, 485million inannualroyalty income,toppedwriter Rich ListNo.8, causingwidespread concern.

Langclassic quotations:

1, because thedevelopment of a city,aprovincialdevelopment ofacompany's development, the number onethoughttoo important toyouno matter whatbusiness schoolah, the Financial AccountingMarketing Whatareyoudoingas long asleadersdecidedah,what otherdisciplinesarenot helpful,icing on the cake.Leadershipthinkingtoo important.As also Xiao,also lost.

2,I think itcan reallymake moneyis a good project, it should bedoneby thepeopleof all of us.

3, ifthere are no rules,financial predatorscomeafter, must bebullying the weak,and the strong bullyingthe weak.

4, Indiacan not stopChina.

5,the Japanesedo not take theChineseMaotaisteal.