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Chiao chuang water package production is introduced


Chiao chuang water package use raw material mainly has: refined flour, high quality nature leek, pork, sesame oil, cooking oil, salt, etc.Its uniqueness: chiao chuang water package 5 cm in diameter, six fold assumes the circular package to do.Stuffing pork cut 0.5 cm small pieces first, according to the proportion in the quality cooking oil, sesame oil, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, spices, sauce pickled packages do after 1 hour, this meat has unique taste, taste crisp sweet appropriate mouth, delicious.Chiao chuang water package, also called home Fried package, cui origin Yu Qiaozhuang township resident QiaoZhuang Village.
According to cui home water package fourth generation inheritance Cui Jizhen, making skill comes from, in 1928, there is a rural man named Cui Guangrong QiaoZhuang Village, marketer do Fried package stunts, specializing water package business, the flat card call special 40-yuan cui.Cui special 40-yuan do water package to filling well, fine, PiJia, temperature, is famous for its pure fragrance appropriate mouth village, known as food, known by locals as the dumplings with a special skill, has been until now.Now rural part county of chiao chuang water package and chiao chuang, tsai village water package stalls are the epitome of cui home water package.