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3 a zhanhua dongzao tourist area of the scenic spot


The provincial agricultural tourism demonstration site (national 3 a scenic area), located in the hometown of Chinese winter date of origin -- zhanhua depression town, 20 kilometers away from the county seat, dart wing pavilion road and marina harbour road in this intersection, and 205 national road (10 kilometers) apart, 10 km to the south reach zhanhua high general aviation city, take the county rural bus directly to the scenic spot.Scenic area is a "taste the zhanhua dongzao, experience rural amorous feelings, enjoy the natural leisure" as the theme, with steps of picking garden scenic spot as the main body of ecological agriculture purpose of scenic spots.Featured with surrounding scenic spots since establish, natural and humanistic landscape, with "a line" (flat in reservoir park - dongzao institute - trump au - 50 dongzao promenade - siyuan lake) park, "two" (two steps of trading market), "three" Lin (star, Dr. Lin, Lin writer Lin), "four parks" (sightseeing garden, XiuXianYuan, market garden, picking garden) as the center, highlight the steps of a rich culture, there are steps of office progenitor, having offered jujube (sculpture), scientific research, popular science district, township, jujube dongzao demonstration garden lives and steps of adopt the unique landscape, such as Lin set sightseeing, picking, leisure, tourism, science, to investigate.Held every year since 1999, zhanhua dongzao section, attracted a large number of tourists.Scenic area mainly supporting attractions have MaWu Village zhanhua dongzao ecotourism picking area (comprehensive ecotourism service spots), zhanhua dongzao dongping village tourism demonstration zone (high-tech model demonstration area, is also one of the three core steps of ten thousand mu of green cultivation), zhanhua dongzao research institute and the bohai sea hi-tech seedling nursery (currently the only steps of using high and new technology such as tissue culture breeding seedling base), qin river mouth and trump au (fishing), siyuan lake (the county's largest reservoir), the steps of the largest trading market (one of the country's largest zhanhua dongzao trade wholesale market), etc.