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Recommend binzhou specialty shopping


Zhanhua dongzao
Zhanhua dongzao mature late mature (mid to late October), like apple, have "small apples," said.Its bright color auburn.Good taste quality, skin thin flesh crisp, tender, juicy, sweet flavor and rich nutrition.Nutritional value as the crown of "hundreds of fruit", is known as "the fruit king", and "live vitamin pills".A central leader praised after tasting zhanhua dongzao fruit "heaven", the United States at the university of Oregon gardening agronomy research director bao 'life, professor fu high meters after tasting, referred to as "the first fruits of the world".
Wudi ocean turn the porcelain
In the coast of the bohai sea in shandong province wudi, binzhou city has one of the three ancient shell dike ocean in the world of wudi ancient shell dike turn.As the role of sea tide, here natural new accumulation increase shell of over 100000 tons each year.Later, shandong Jane porcelain industry co., LTD., use of Marine renewable resources - shell sand independent research and development of China's "Marine shellfish porcelain" impressively, become the ceramics and bone China third in the world of porcelain.
Since then, "as thin as paper, white jade, sound such as qing" Marine shellfish porcelain in shandong province wudi, turn to the world.
Binzhou sesame candy
Sesame candy is shandong binzhou city's traditional products, is famous in the province, has a history of more than 70 years, the product is a family of three generations of a seaport Chang Yunluan stunt, binzhou is traditional folk flavor food, also is one of the famous manufacturer in shandong.
QingHe Town board pictures
And rubbing, tinted, achievement of colorful QingHe Town woodcut New Year pictures.Qinghe pictures bold choice in his creation, the modelling, more use of symbol, implied meaning express wishes and requirements.The artisans figure some composition full full, rich well-balanced pursuit, pay attention to the visual aesthetic feeling of color, is warm, prosperous and harmonious unification, has distinct adornment effect and the characteristics of the festival season.