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Binzhou four won the national ecological towns named Now there are 23


Ministry announcement no. 65, 2014, and published in 2012-2013 national ecological township list, binzhou city southeast Zi Angle town, boxing, hing town, east street, and high-tech small camp street four villages and towns (street) on the list.
In recent years, closely surrounding the construction of ecological beauty happy new binzhou binzhou city goal, vigorously implement the "blue sky, green water, green hill, green" project, based on the concept of "ecological city" development, within the scope of binzhou city actively carry out "ecological township" and other series of activities, green vigorously promote rural environmental protection work, made solid progress, village CunMao new peasants cultivation management, local custom civilization, cultural facilities covering "four major projects", put the focus of the construction of "ecological villages and towns" building window, cultivating typical radiating and driving, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the whole society and the vast majority of farmers construction of ecological towns, guide farmers to adopt is conducive to the production of environmental protection way of life, promote the building of ecological demonstration, ecological town construction has made remarkable achievements.
So far, binzhou city has won state-level ecological towns named the villages and towns (street) to 23.