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Civilization tourism, binzhou in action


Now, the concept of tourism is not only a period of eat, drink, play, music, the concept of leisure time, has become the important form of cultural exchange between citizens.Journey, we often see some uncivilized behavior, for example, held up by congested roads, too many tourists blocking the landscape, scenic spot service does not reach the designated position affects the mood, the scenic spot of environmental protection facilities is not complete, plus the demonstration group effect, it is easier to release a "small" in the heart, make some uncivilized behavior.
But all this is not the reason of civilization.The so-called civilization, is a kind of stick to, is a kind of don't ask the time and space, don't ask others to do what, don't ask yourself how mood, to consistently stick to the morals and manners.Recently, binzhou city tourism bureau issued "the city civilization tourism education activity implementation plan", the activity time is September 15 to December 31, so that citizens can't change travel habits of civilization, share the achievements of civilization tourism for the purpose, in a series of activities as the carrier, guide the public health, civilization tourism, enhance civilization quality for the citizens and to establish a good image, binzhou visitors to further enhance the level of binzhou city civilization to create.
During the activity, the municipal tourism administration issued the notice on actively developing civilization tourism action, the comprehensive deployment on the civilization education of tourism activities;Increase the Chinese citizens domestic tourism behavior convention propaganda.On September 28, binzhou city tourism ecological tourist area in the zhanhua dongzao held the opening ceremony of the ten thousand signatures for civilization tourism, officially opened the prelude of the city's civilization tourism education activities.Counties (area) bureau at the same time in the city's main transport hub, public square, business core area and tourist attractions such as key areas to "civilization, binzhou civilized civilization, with tourism" as the theme of the ten thousand signatures.