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Binzhou City, Shandong Province, within five years focused on creating "three zones, Victoria, dual fifteen Area" New


The next five years, Binzhou City, Shandong Province, forestry ecological construction of "three zones, Victoria, dual fifteen Area" as the focus, and strive to 2017, the new afforestation area of 70 acres, 70 acres of new farmland shelterbelts.

First, the "three zones." That is doing a good job 24 trunk road greening standards to enhance, based on county-level highway along each side of building 20-30 meters wide green belt, new green length of 2000 km, the completion of the new planting 12 acres; focused along the Yellow River , Xiaoqing, tuhai South and medium-sized rivers and aqueducts, XIAOKAIHE, Korea pier, fishing Zhang et canal, dam foot on each side by the construction of 50-meter-wide ecological outward shelter belts, green total length of 1200 km, afforestation 18 acres; in zhanhua, Wudi, the North Sea economic Zone territory along the levee moisture inside the building 200 meters wide coastal shelter belts and Coastal basic, the total length of 240 km afforestation, planting 10 acres.

The second is "Ring." Namely to build the city's downtown district and county town green belt around the city, building a width of 100 meters above the large green belt, planting 6.2 acres; completion of 40 township resident green belt loop construction, green belt width of 50 m above; combined with rural environment, construction, 20-30 meters wide Wai Lam, Wai Lin complete 5000 village construction, planting 6.3 acres; capacity of 5,000,000 cubic meters for more than 30 medium-sized reservoirs, construction of large-scale ecological shelter belts, a width of 100-200 meters, planting 1.5 million mu.

The third is "double fifteen Area." Ie fifteen wetland ecological farms and fifteen. Been built in five acres of forest ecosystems on the basis of another new 15 mu ecological forest, new afforestation area of 16 acres or more; to Shen Jian national and provincial wetland focus, improve wetland protection and restoration, 5 years new two national wetland park and 13 provincial wetland. (Shandong Province Forestry Department)