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Binzhou Armed brilliant grassroots cultural backbone of the training


      To enhance the quality of grass-roots cultural activities, August 9 to 12, the Armed Police Corps Shandong Binzhou detachment grassroots organization of more than 30 cultural backbone, carried out with photographic camera, songs teach singing, sports referees, news writing culture as the main content backbone of the training, effectively increasing the backbone of grassroots cultural competency cultural activities.

     The cultural backbone of the training, close to the reality of building grass-roots culture, the spirit of "what is missing, make up what" principle, science teaching content settings, including how to be a good theoretical backbone, how to organize news review, how to teach singing songs such as doing a good job eight aspects, to ensure that the content of scientific and rational and realistic to meet the primary needs. Training to take plates teaching combines unified and separate ways, namely teach singing the song directing, choreography party organization, photographic techniques to edit, blackboard and graphic design, basketball referees and other content teaching. To enhance the effectiveness of the training, each teaching contents have done focus on counseling lectures, hands-grouping, assessment and acceptance by people every day after learning organizations experience difficulties in communication and discussion, really put effort down the digestion and absorption ability and improve on. Detachment specially invited ensembles head Liu Jihai Binzhou, Binzhou City Sports Council coach Chen Lizhi, Wang Jun, director of Binzhou daily newspaper work and other cultural experts as instructors, were taught to sing songs around, photography tips, poetry readings, sports referees and other content in-depth teaching. Through training, to further enhance the backbone of the grassroots culture's ability to carry out cultural activities to enrich grassroots amateur differentiation provides a driving force of life, cultivate talent, an effective solution to the grass-roots cultural activities monotonous, the problem of high quality